Iconic Photos of Afghan Girl, Beatles, Coney Island & More in Greenwich Exhibit

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Steve McCurry: Afghan Girl Photograph, 1984

Cavalier Galleries is Greenwich is preparing a photography show that looks like a stunner.

Entitled simply “Captured: A Photography Show,” it opened Feb. 10 and features some top talents of all time and more than a few iconic images.

“Captured,” which runs through March 10 at the gallery at 405 Greenwich Ave., highlights "the gallery’s variety of established photographers … [and] demonstrate the longstanding tradition of photography by displaying works by artists with different perceptions on how they see the world that in turn allows them to provide truly unique works of art,” the gallery says in a release.

The exhibition features famed photojournalists Steve McCurry, widely known for his National Geographic cover of the Afghan Girl, as well as Harry Benson, who rose to fame after documenting his travels with the Beatles when they came to America in 1964, the gallery says.

“Both artists captured images that are placed historically in context. By contrast, world renowned fashion photographer, Robert Farber applied his unique impressionistic style to his works, unveiling a beauty beyond the image itself,” Cavalier Galleries says.

Also included are works by Alex Cao, a contemporary photographer, demonstrating the versatility of the medium by creating large scale mosaic works out of smaller images. Debranne Cingari also takes a unique approach to photography by combining her imagery with assemblage to form three-dimensional pieces. Comparatively, the gallery says, Debranne Cingari’s and Michael Kahn’s black-and-white marine and seascape photographs highlight the beauty of the traditional take on the art form. 

Ruth Orkin and Morris Engel, who are also be featured in the exhibition, were pioneers in photography and filmmaking as an artform beginning their careers in the 1930’s, the gallery says. The couple captured their unique views of New York and their world-travels on film throughout their lifetimes. 

For more information, call Cavalier Galleries at (203) 869-3664, or see the gallery’s website.


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Iconic Photos of Afghan Girl, Beatles, Coney Island & More in Greenwich Exhibit

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