May 12, 2014
10:50 AM
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Next Justin Bieber (Not Really) Returns Home to Play Connecticut Venue

Next Justin Bieber (Not Really) Returns Home to Play Connecticut Venue

She bills herself as “the next Justin Bieber.”

That’s a joke.

Check her website or Twitter page and you’ll find a rather dramatic description bannered across the top of the pages: “My name is Anastasia, I'm a human being and my parents are dead.”

That’s also sort of a joke.

What singer-songwriter Anastasia Markov isn’t kidding about is her passion for music. The 22-year-old began singing and playing guitar when she was growing up in Burlington, Conn.

Today she lives in Boston (where she attended college for two years before shifting her focus to music), and she’s released her first EP, “Suicide Seating,” which she wrote over two months in Nashville with musician Hunter Nelson.

She describes her musical style as “folk alternative.” It’s at once simple but layered, piling quirky lyrics on top of quick acoustic guitar riffs.

In listening you can hear some of her musical influences—Lily Allen, Kate Nash and Regina Spector. Those who fell under the spell of the 2007 teenage pregnancy comedy, "Juno," may draw comparisons between Markov’s light style and that of The Moldy Peaches, whose song, “Anyone Else But You,” became a hit after appearing in the film.

The lyrics and feeling of her single, “Snails” draws definite comparisons.

“Outer space and you're my jam
If I’m the thief, then you’re my plan.
If you’re a snail, then I’m your shell.
If you’re a buzzer, I’m your bell.
If you’re the sand, then I’m the waves.
I’d like to visit twice a day."

But her music is uniquely her's as well—upbeat and infectious—like the bright purple hue of her hair.    

This Thursday, May 15, Markov will perform at The Space in Hamden, starting at 6 p.m. The Space’s website wasn't updated with a listing for the show as of Monday, but staff confirmed that it was booked and said tickets would be available at the door.

Markov, born Samantha Rochford, took perhaps the most unlikely road to the stage—through LARPing (live action role playing.) She discovered the fantasy game through friends, and says at first she “thought it was really weird,” but eventually got into it.

Anastasia Markov is her character at LARP (left), and that’s where she first began singing.

“When I started performing I took on her persona because I was too nervous to do it as myself,” says Markov.

When she took her art form out of the fantastical world and into the real one, she held on to the name (and the character history she wrote for herself, i.e. “My name is Anastasia, I'm a human being and my parents are dead.”)

After spending two months writing music in Nashville last year (she went to satisfy her longtime tendency for wanderlust), Markov recorded “Suicide Seating” in Long Island with Love, Robot's bassist, Nicholas Starrantino. The EP was released in September 2013.

The title is a reference to the first two spectator rows in roller derby, called suicide seating because you could get hit by the skaters. For the artist it represents “sitting too close to something that’s dangerous.”

"Suicide Seating" is available for download on iTunes. 

Since releasing her album, she’s begun touring around New England.

For more information on Markov, visit her website, Facebook or Twitter page

For more shows at The Space visit the venue's website.

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Next Justin Bieber (Not Really) Returns Home to Play Connecticut Venue

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