Nov 8, 2013
08:20 AM
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Connecticut Elections 2013: By the Numbers

Connecticut Elections 2013: By the Numbers

Few of the state’s municipalities saw shifts in their top elected official's party after Tuesday’s election—though a total of 27 towns saw CEOs swapped from one party to the other.

Here’s a breakdown of the numbers, based on Connecticut Magazine’s analysis of the party affiliations of each town’s Chief Elected Officer (scroll down to see a map showing the political party of the CEO in each town):

-       One town, Griswold, is still too close to call.

-       13 towns shifted from Republican to Democrat majority.

-       13 towns shifted from Democrat to Republican majority.

-       One town, East Hampton, shifted from a third-party (the Chatham party) to a Republican majority. All other third-parties held their own majority from last year.

-       46 towns that have a Democratic majority stayed the same.

-       76 towns that have a Republican majority stayed the same.

-       10 towns are currently Democratic and did not have an election for their CEO.

-       5 towns are currently Republican and did not have an election for their CEO.

-       Among the many mayor and first-selectman elects are five newly elected women.

-       Republicans now have the majority in 95 towns.

-       Democrats have the majority in 69 towns.

-       There are four towns that have a third-party or unaffiliated majority.

-       Six of the state’s eight largest cities now have Democratic mayors. Democrats took over the majority in Stamford and Norwalk, previously Republican. Republicans took hold over New Britain.

 These statistics do not analyze whether the town's governing body switched from one party to the other.


To see this map larger, click here.


As expected, both parties claimed victory on election night—labeling Tuesday's election a referendum on Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

Republicans claim their victories in "Democratic strongholds" as part of the "momentous start to the race to defeat Dan Malloy and take back our state." 

“While tonight’s results certainly speak to the competency of our great candidates and the strength of our Republican message, they also offer an important overview of the state’s political landscape as we look ahead to the 2014 elections. Based on tonight’s results, it’s clear that voters across the state are fed up with Dan Malloy and the Democrat’s tax, borrow, and spend policies," Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. said in a statement Tuesday.

Democrats claim Malloy's leadership is what led them to victory in other Republican areas, and say their wins make voters are making "their choice clear."

"Democrats under the leadership of Governor Malloy are moving Connecticut in the right direction," Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo said in a statement.

Following Labriola's comment, Democrats released this statement on behalf of party executive director Jonathan Harris: “Chairman Labriola said this would be a referendum on Gov. Malloy, and it is. The result? A big win for Gov. Malloy and Democrats across Connecticut.”


Connecticut Elections 2013: By the Numbers

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