Oct 10, 2013
02:55 PM
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John McKinney says he's raised more than $90,000

John McKinney says he's raised more than $90,000

John McKinney's campaign for governor has raised more than $90,000 so far from 964 donors, putting him more than a third of the way to benchmarks he needs to hit in order to qualify for public financing.

McKinney, R-Fairfield, the state Senate minority leader, needs to raise $250,000 from at least 2,500 people in contributions of $100 or less in order to qualify. 

McKinney's campaign announced the fundraising totals Thursday. Of the money the campaign has raised, $33,087, from 376 contributors, came before the campaign's first official reporting deadline on Sept. 30.

“Since I announced my candidacy for governor, I have been travelling across the state to meet with voters and listen to their concerns. I’m pleased that so many people – Republicans, Democrats, and independent voters - are responding to our message of change,” McKinney said in a statement released by the campaign. “People are donating online, direct by mail, and at fundraising events. I’m grateful for every contribution and for every person who has taken the time to learn about our campaign and join our effort to turn Connecticut around. I will continue to work hard on their behalf to defeat Governor Malloy and bring real change to Connecticut in 2014.”

John McKinney says he's raised more than $90,000

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