Jan 10, 2014
10:28 AM
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Elizabeth Esty, Jim Himes vote with GOP on Obamacare security bill

Two of the five members of Connecticut's all-Democratic congressional delegation broke with their party today and voted with the Republican majority on a bill aimed at adding security to healthcare.gov, the federally-run health exchange site set up as part of Obamacare. 

Reps. Elizabeth Esty, D-5 and Jim Himes, D-4, were among the 67 Democrats who voted for the bill, which passed 291-122.

Reps. John Larson, D-1, Joe Courtney, D-2, and Rosa DeLauro, D-3, voted against the bill, which was introduced by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia. 

Last week, Himes went on MSNBC and questioned whether Republicans such as Cantor had been acting in good faith to improve the law. He said at the time he hadn't read the Cantor bill and couldn't comment on it specifically. 

At the time, Himes told host Alex Witt: "There's a lot of room for improvement and transparency is a good thing. But Eric Cantor and his party, who from Moment One have taken this plan, which of course was tested by a Republican governor (Mitt Romney in Massachusetts) that was developed by the Heritage Foundation, a very conservative group, they've labeled this thing an experiment in socialism, outrageously. They don't have right now the credibility to say "oh, now what we're about is making this thing better.' So when they actually begin to act in good faith, we'll be willing and happy partners." 

The bill the House passed will mandate administration officials to notify customers within two days if their personal information has been compromised. Democrats say there have been no security breaches at all on the site and the bill will place an unnecessary burden on the administration. 

Elizabeth Esty, Jim Himes vote with GOP on Obamacare security bill

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