Jan 31, 2014
02:38 PM
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John McKinney Channels Eminem in News Release

John McKinney Channels Eminem in News Release

State Sen. John McKinney is channeling Eminem.

In response to the announcement of more tax cuts from Malloy today, McKinney, who is also running for governor issued this directive:

“Will the real Dan Malloy please stand up?”

Malloy announced Friday he would be giving additional tax cuts in an election year—though he has not yet announced he’s running for governor. Malloy's proposals include exempting 50 percent of teacher's pension from income tax. He also plans to exempt over the counter medicine from sales tax, extend the tax credit for angel investors, exempt city and town health care plans from insurance premiums and create a two day holiday from state park fees.

Thursday he announced all Connecticut residents who earn less than $200,000 would receive a $55 tax rebate.

“During the last three years as governor, while not running for reelection, Governor Malloy raised taxes, punished teachers and retirees, and saw deficits everywhere,” McKinney said in a press release. “Now, in an election year, he proposes tax cuts, panders to teachers and sees surpluses even in the face of a $2 billion deficit. Maybe we should have elections every year?”  

McKinney said instead the governor needs to do more to get spending under control and create permanent tax relief instead of campaign gimmicks.

But according to Democratic spokesman James Hallinan, "This 'analysis' is coming from a candidate who is promising a $2 billion tax cut if he is elected.  And who says he will rip up 15 miles of highway to undo a $550 million project that will be all but finished.  Both of which are of course absurd. Zero credibility."

McKinney said Malloy is clearly taking residents down the wrong road — 8 mile? 

John McKinney Channels Eminem in News Release

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