Jul 10, 2013
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Lt. Gov of Alaska, Sandy Hook Grad Eyes U.S. Senate Seat

Lt. Gov of Alaska, Sandy Hook Grad Eyes U.S. Senate Seat

Courtesy of Mead Treadwell's Campaign website

Mead Treadwell is seeking the Republican nomination for Alaska's U.S. Senator.

Mead Treadwell, former student at Sandy Hook Elementary School and son of a former Newtown first selectman, will not seek re-election for his lieutenant governor seat in Alaska, but instead hopes to secure the spot of U.S. senator.

Treadwell is the son of Timothy Treadwell, who served as first selectman in Newtown from 1968-1972. The Timothy B. Treadwell Memorial park in Newtown is named in his honor, which served as the backdrop for press conferences after the mass shooting at the lieutenant governor’s former elementary school.

The 57-year-old Yale and Harvard graduate announced last month he would not seek re-election for his current role and is instead aiming for the Republican nomination to challenge incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Begich.

A press release posted to Treadwell’s campaign website says he will focus on three of Alaska’s principles, which he hopes to make “America’s principles again.”

“Alaskans are very concerned about what is, or is not, happening in Washington, D.C.,” Treadwell said on his website. “So am I.”

An article in the Alaska Dispatch published a few years back said Mead had been a newspaper delivery boy and worked for the local paper covering sports while growing up in Newtown.

An Anchorage Daily News article after the shooting in Newtown on Dec. 14 relayed Mead’s account of watching a press conference at Timothy B. Treadwell Park from his home in Alaska, and then asked his opinion on the policy issues the incident brought forward. 

Here’s an excerpt:

Asked to weigh in on the national debate Friday about gun control, he said, “if people care for each other, then there doesn’t have to be a regime to make us care about each other.”
He said the incident makes him most concerned about caring for the mentally ill.
“We have to be vigilant about people who are in trouble,” he said.


Treadwell left Connecticut in 1978 for Alaska to intern with U.S. Secretary of Interior Wally Hickel’s campaign for Governor.  He returned to the continental United States to attend Harvard, but has lived in Alaska since.

According to Politico, Treadwell faces a primary against conservative Joe Miller and possibly the state’s Natural Resources Commissioner, Dan Sullivan. The article coins Treadwel as the “apparent frontrunner” against Miller.


Lt. Gov of Alaska, Sandy Hook Grad Eyes U.S. Senate Seat

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