Nov 20, 2013
03:05 PM
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Connecticut Tea Party Challenges Gov. Malloy to Debate Role of Government

Connecticut Tea Party Challenges Gov. Malloy to Debate Role of Government

Taking issue with remarks made by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy at a recent Democratic Party event, a local Tea Party leader has challenged him to a debate. 

Bob MacGuffie, a Tea Party activist, identified statements made by Malloy at the Jefferson Jackson Bailey Dinner earlier this month that criticizes the Tea Party. MacGuffie, in an article to be published in the Fairfield County Patriot and circulated on the web, says Malloy doesn’t want to take “responsibility for his own performance.”

“It's no wonder the governor searches for a boogey-man to explain his failure, when all he needs to do is look in the mirror to find him," MacGuffie wrote. "It's not we citizens who have brought the state to its knees.  We're merely the ones willing to bring it to the public's attention.”

MacGuffie identifies the attacks made by Malloy and offers his own fact check -- but extends an invitation to a debate.

“So that the governor can hear first-hand what the Tea Party stands for, I'm challenging Governor Malloy to a public debate about the appropriate role of government in a free society," MacGuffie wrote. "We invite him to choose the time and place.”

Malloy’s staff referred comments to the state’s Democratic Party. Party spokesman James Hallinan suggested in a statement that MacGuffie have conversations with people in his own party.

"Tea Party Republicans in Washington shut down the government, and what did Toni Boucher, Mark Boughton, Tom Foley, Mark Lauretti and John McKinney do? They stood in support of their Tea Party colleagues' reckless actions that cost Connecticut jobs, interrupted the economic progress the state is making under Governor Malloy, and kept Connecticut veterans and seniors guessing about their benefit checks,” spokesman James Hallinan said in a statement, referring to the five Republicans aiming to  challenge Malloy next November. “Mr. MacGuffie should hold a series of town halls with the Republican gubernatorial candidates to ask Connecticut residents how the Tea Party shutdown impacted their daily lives. While they do that, Governor Malloy will continue to move Connecticut's economy forward."

Not everyone mentioned by Hallinan praised the shutdown. Foley, McKinney and Boughton indicated the two parties shared equal blame for the shutdown, according to comments published by Hearst Connecticut Media Group. Boucher, however, downplayed the significance of the event, and characterized shutdowns as over-hyped. 

Connecticut Tea Party Challenges Gov. Malloy to Debate Role of Government

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