Aug 6, 2013
06:05 AM
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Clinton Resident Helps Others Get Over Dance Floor Jitters

Clinton Resident Helps Others Get Over Dance Floor Jitters

Melanie Stengel

Sharyn Farrell (L), of Dancealife, photographs Susan Graham (C), and Jim Shepley during a home lesson. Looking on is the couple's dog, Dudley.

CLINTON >> There are some things people might prefer to do in private: things like taking a shower, flossing their teeth — and, yes, learning to dance.

After all, when you’re flailing about, concentrating on learning your side step or, even worse, your “swivel swivel,” or armslide, what could be worse than having a whole roomful of people thinking you just might look nicer if you took up, say, pottery or calligraphy instead?

Luckily, there’s an alternative to making a fool of yourself in dance classes. Sharyn Farrell, a self-employed dance instructor and the founder of Dancealife, has made a business of meeting people in the privacy of their own homes and showing them exactly how to do the Lindy or the two-step. With no snickering. Promise.

Recently, she met with Susan Graham and Jim Shepley, a couple from Old Saybrook, who said they already love to go out dancing, but, as Shepley put it, “we have no idea what we’re doing.”

“It would be good,” he said, “to really learn how.”

Farrell showed up armed with swing music, mints (you never know when you’re going to need extra peppermint-fueled energy) and plenty of optimism for the hour and a half lesson. By the time she left the couple’s living room, they had learned the basic step, the outside turn, the inside turn, the swivel, arm slide and the shoulder tap, and were well on their way to double and triple twirls.

“Most ladies love to twirl,” Farrell said.

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Clinton Resident Helps Others Get Over Dance Floor Jitters

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