Oct 1, 2013
11:39 AM

ConnCAN Launches Teachers Contract Database

ConnCAN Launches Teachers Contract Database

Although the public has the legal right to view public teaching contracts, the records haven’t always been easy to access. That changes now with the launch of the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now’s (ConnCAN) updated teacher contract database, which brings all the information into one online resource.

The database is an expansive online collection of all 175 school districts across the state with collective bargaining agreements. The easily navigated website allows the user to view any contract and download it as a PDF.

ConnCAN is an advocacy organization dedicated to improving public education. It launched the first version of its database last year, but a large amount of information and new contracts comprise the latest update. 

One of the website’s key features allows the user to see districts side-by-side and compare everything from salaries to force reduction factors on a user-friendly interface. After checking the selected districts out of a list, the user generates a custom comparison of up to four districts at a time. The database provides information on every aspect of the collective bargaining agreements.  

In comparing the collective bargaining agreements from all the districts, ConnCAN has unearthed some interesting findings. Little textboxes dot ConnCAN’s website, the words “Did you know?” heading each one. These short blurbs offer facts drawn from the database, and can be clicked to reveal more information.  

For example:

•  47 districts offer a bonus for teachers who earn national certification.

• The average change in starting salary for a teacher with a bachelor’s degree from last year is $631.

• Teachers work an average of 5 days without students.

Want to learn more? There’s also a page of graphical representations of statistics, such as how many teachers work in the districts and class size limits by grade, giving a visual form to trends across the state. As the districts renew and negotiate their contracts, the database will pull up-to-date facts from district websites and offices to keep the information current.

To see the database, visit teachercontracts.conncan.org.


ConnCAN Launches Teachers Contract Database

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