Dec 18, 2013
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Connecticut Juice Venture: Glow Like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow

Connecticut Juice Venture: Glow Like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow

Some of the juices of Karma Cleanse, the venture of a former Connecticut attorney.

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Many people rely on organic diets for healthier living, but Connecticut attorney-turned-juicing-entrepreneur Alicia Brown suggests complementing those diets with a juice regimen—or juice cleanse—a health trend gaining popularity that counts actresses such as Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Catherine Zeta-Jones among its devotees.

Drinking fresh vegetable juice packed with nutrients on a sustained basis helps the body to revive, says Brown, whose venture, Karma Cleanse, is dedicated to creating balance in the lives of its customers—not to mention helping with radiant skin, renewed energy, mental clarity, an elevated mood, strengthened immune system and more.

The “grand launch” event for Karma Cleanse was held Oct. 19 at Rosedale Farms and Vineyard in Simsbury.

“The science behind a juice cleanse is simple,” Brown says in a release announcing the launch of Karma Cleanse. “Fat cells act as bodyguards for vital organs by absorbing toxins from food and the environment, making it difficult to lose weight. Drinking only juice for a few days flushes out the toxins to reduce excess fat and cellulite. And since it can take up to eight hours to digest one meal, the body is constantly expending energy just to digest food. Add that to a diet full of overly-processed food, and many of us feel fatigued, gain weight and have digestive issues. A three- or five-day juice cleanse gives the body a break so that it can redirect energy to strengthening the immune system, rebuilding cells and flushing out accumulated waste.”

(Above, John Boullie of Avon and his children join Karma Cleanse founder Alicia Brown, second from left, at Rosedale Farms and Vineyard at the Karma Cleanse grand launch event.)

Brown elaborates that the processed and GMO ingredients in much of today’s food require that even more energy be spent on digestion. While providing your body with essential, alkalizing nutrients, juicing also gives it a chance to focus less on digesting and more on strengthening and revitalizing.

The Karma Cleans juices are cold-pressed, using local, organic produce. This process preserves the vitamins and live enzymes that die off in shelved juices.

Many juice companies use a process called High Pressure Processing (HPP) that does not involve cooking the juice, but rather applies high pressure, the Karma Cleanse release explains, saying, “While proponents of this method argue the nutritional/enzymatic composition of the juice is unaltered, Brown disagrees.”

“Enzymes are what break down and 'spoil' if not fresh, the release says, adding, “It therefore makes sense that a bottle of juice with an extended shelf life simply does not retain those essential enzymes. Besides, we’re purists; we think processing juice to extend its shelf-life defeats the purpose of juicing. That does present us with limitations, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We don’t ship our juices. Packing up a fresh pressed, locally sourced juice and sending it to Utah on a FedEx Plane seems contradictory to us.”

Karma Cleanse doesn’t have a storefront. Instead, the company has a vintage ice-cream truck that is stationed on Tuesday and Friday mornings at Bishops Corner in West Hartford, where customers can come to pick up their juices.

The juices are pressed in a commercial kitchen facility in Bloomfield that has recently “gone off the grid” by installing solar panels—part of Brown’s effort to leave as “small and soft a footprint” as possible, which means taking measures to minimize Karma Cleanse’s impact on the environment. She puts the juices in glass bottles, for example, encouraging customers to recycle by offering a coupon for returned bottles.

Previously a lawyer for 10 years, Brown got involved in juicing after becoming a mother. While staying at home with her young children, she struggled with treating their illnesses, ranging from ear infections to eczema.

Finally she switched her family to an organic diet that contained green juices, made with kale, romaine, spinach and other alkalizing vegetables. Her children became healthier, and other members of her family started requesting her green juice for themselves.   

Brown spent six years perfecting her green juice formula, and was determined to make it taste delicious. Today she sells her juices to the public with taste in mind, wanting her customers to truly enjoy juicing.

Connecticut Juice Venture: Glow Like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow

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