Feb 17, 2014
03:59 PM
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'Real Housewives', Stylish Women Will Give Connecticut Jewelry Artist National Profile

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“Her exposure to fine art, fashion & culture at very early age has inspired her designs,” the site says. “Each piece is like that of a painting, with many layers, hues and dimension. The AZIN can be worn with everything from conservative and classic to modern and edgy. Each maintains consistency in its own look, while offering a full range of options for themes, colors and proportions. As a designer and artisan, Laleh never adheres to one style or one flavor; her taste and approach to jewelry design is constantly evolving. The AZIN truly makes statement—Laleh’s clients describe wearing their AZIN as wearing their own piece of art rather than an accessory.”

Finding a name that would brand these unique necklaces wasn’t easy, but in the end it was a case of serendipity. Damiani’s daughter’s middle name is Azin, “just a little something so she knows the culture,” and when the designer was brainstorming a name, that fact combined with the Persian translation of Azin as signifying beauty and decoration made it the instant, obvious choice.

Laleh in Persian happens to mean tulip—so it’s a family and a venture that trace beauty to the core of the defining nomenclature.

“I’m having a lot of fun with it,” says Damiani of her AZIN creations. “I really love them and know how well they’re made and how much good stuff is in them. I think that I’m going to be very busy this year.”

With figures like Sage Steele having worn La Damiani's jewelry on the ESPYs, with women who have AZIN necklaces feeling “like they’re in a little club,” with a national rep providing strategic input, and with a bridal line in the works, busy may be an understatement.

And, oh, if you think the AZIN look isn’t your style, a couple of thoughts: Seeing them up close is likely to sway you, and, as Damiani notes, “The majority of people who buy these are very conservative.”

For more, see the Ladami Designs website and Facebook page. You can email the designer at laleh@ladamidesigns.com.

'Real Housewives', Stylish Women Will Give Connecticut Jewelry Artist National Profile

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