Oct 13, 2013
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Inner Glow, Outer Glam Greenwich Event for Women Features Inspiring Story

Inner Glow, Outer Glam Greenwich Event for Women Features Inspiring Story

Allyson Spellman.

Consider the subject of an email that arrived Tuesday morning: Workshop for Women to Celebrate Inner and Outer Beauty in Greenwich. On the surface, it sounds like the type of event it is; women whose lives and outward appearances may not be in perfect alignment have an opportunity to receive some expert advice, and businesses benefit in the process and/or in a ripple effect later.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

But something about this email hinted at an approach to this time-tested niche business strategy that has more substance, a deeper level—even, perhaps, a story embodying the type of therapeutic redemption that can drive a mission to help others.

And that turned out to be true.

When Ellela Cosmetics and Lashes on Greenwich Avenue holds an Inner Glow Outer Glam workshop Oct. 27, from noon to 3 p.m., it will team up with world-renowned author, speaker, women’s empowerment coach and TV guest expert Allyson Spellman.

In the workshop, for which tickets are $65, Spellman will share how women can “uncover and celebrate their authentic voice, purpose and potential.”

Underlying that broad-stroke description of aspirational transformation “therapy” is the foundation of Spellman’s own emergence from the manacles of a life misaligned, one tethered to negative influences.

While she was living in New York City, according to her website, “Allyson subscribed to what she calls ‘Cults of Captivity’—destructive limiting beliefs that are unconsciously worshiped and blindly followed. These self-sabotaging beliefs came out in various ways for Allyson, including unknowingly joining a religious cult where she completely gave up her voice and identity.”

She broke free, left that life behind and “decided to stop blaming the church and start taking responsibility for her own choices by examining what attracted her to that environment in the first place.” Spellman rebuilt her life in her 30s, built a successful business in which she has coached hundreds of women worldwide, married her “soul partner” and is a proud mom.

So her empowerment perspective has a real gravity to it, which lends an equally sympathetic weight to her guidance in helping women fulfill their potential, with the attributes of being confident, stylish, beautiful and feeling sexy part of their growth and integrity.

Spellman’s way of packaging that message uses different words that get to the same place—empowered women who feel and look good as they take on the next challenges.

“The modern woman has a lot on her plate,” Spellman said Tuesday. “It is very easy to lose her authentic self in the busy mix of life. When she celebrates her inner self, the outer self will follow. She will experience true beauty and wellness from the inside out.”

“The mind, body and spirit connection supercharges a woman's inner glow,” she added. “It is also important for a woman's overall well-being to celebrate the beauty of her outer self. Women reach new personal heights by honoring both their inner and outer selves. It is the perfect synergy!”

Elle Murphy, the owner of Ellela Cosmetics and Lashes, will show workshop participants how to have "skincare on a budget with champagne taste” that exemplifies beauty and wellness from the inside out. She will also demonstrate how busy women can do flawless makeup on the go, the event announcement explained.

“Women will learn makeup tricks that enhance beauty at any age and how to get a polished look for any occasion or point in their life,” Murphy said in the announcement.

As a special workshop bonus, Anne Friday, the fashion expert and wardrobe stylist at Out of the Box, which is also located on Greenwich Avenue, will share valuable tips on dressing for individual body types. She will show women what is the key to finding clothes and accessories that fit, flatter and enhance their figure.

The workshop will include light food, a swag bag, beauty products and a workbook.

Spellman is the CEO & founder of Unleash Your Voice. She is a former actress, entertainment producer and casting director who worked in various capacities for TV, film and Broadway. She is currently a world-renowned women’s empowerment coach, author, TV guest expert and speaker.

Spellman has coached hundreds of women to stop settling for less and start living without limits, her bio says. She is an expert at shifting women from feeling lost to truly being found. Through the Unleash Your Voice brand, she has developed programs, workshops and tools designed for wo­men to celebrate their authentic voice, true identity and self-worth.

Elle Murphy is the CEO and founder of Ellela Cosmetics & Lashes in Greenwich, CT. She is an award-winning celebrity makeup artist who created her lifelong dream Ellela Cosmetics and Lashes after years of research and experience in the world of fashion and beauty. She is known for her passion for makeup, style and unique talents blending color and creating custom formulas.

Murphy has garnered professional recognition and notable mentions on CBS’ “The Couch,” in Playbill and on Broadwayworld.com, among others, for her work as a professional makeup artist. She took home the World’s Largest Solo Theater Festival Award 2012 for Best Makeup.

Out of the Box specializes in great dresses, sportswear and accessories for the savvy woman and has won numerous awards, including Best Boutique in Greenwich and Fairfield County for the past three years.

For more information about the Inner Glow Outer Glam workshop at Ellela Cosmetics and Lashes (16 Greenwich Avenue), or to register for the event, visit www.glowandglam.eventbrite.com. Space is limited.


Inner Glow, Outer Glam Greenwich Event for Women Features Inspiring Story

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