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Jul 15, 2013
08:03 AM
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Gourmet Tacos, from a Truck, in the Antiques Capital, Woodbury

Gourmet Tacos, from a Truck, in the Antiques Capital, Woodbury

Laurie Gaboardi/The Litchfield County Times.

A gourmet fish taco from the El Camion truck in the center of Woodbury.

Just across the street from Woodbury’s star restaurant, Carole Peck’s Good News Café, a vintage, silver, 1973 step van with a broad orange stripe across it appears in the big open parking lot every day but Thursday. From the open window on one side of the van, founder and owner Haig Leonard is serving up tacos, burritos and quesadillas to a constant stream of happy eaters. What’s the big draw here? Two things ... taste and price.

In the case of taste, for me it is the fish taco that is Peggy’s #1 Pick. Fresh white fish (often tilapia) is marinated in coconut milk and lime, crusted with corn meal, fried on the spot and served with mango salsa, coarse-cut slaw and a drizzle of sour cream all packed neatly into a warm tortilla—and all for $3.25. The combination of flavors, temperatures and the crunch make this the perfect snack, or have two for a perfect meal.

In terms of price, Mr. Leonard was striving to enable his customers to have a great meal for under $10. One can easily eat two of his tacos, add a beverage (sodas and waters are offered), leave a tip and be at the $10 mark. Now how wonderful is that!

Mr. Leonard also serves up a beef taco that is marinated flank steak slices (marinated in red wine with balsamic vinegar, soy and spices), grilled, served with tomatillo salsa, slaw and sour cream ($3.25) and a chicken taco, which is chicken in a margarita marinade, grilled, served with pico de gallo, slaw and sour cream ($3.25 as well). A cheese (blend of jack and cheddar, $3.25) or a cheese and chicken quesadilla ($3.75) comprise the rest of his menu.

Rice, beans, soups, salads, desserts and more drinks will be added to the menu when he moves the truck to its next location (check his Web site,, and Facebook for updates) later this summer. That will be at 308 Sherman Hill Road on the site of the former Pete’s Drive-In Restaurant. After settling into the restaurant space, the main business will operate from there and the truck will be used for off-site catering events.

See the full story from the LCT magazine of The Litchfield County Times.


Gourmet Tacos, from a Truck, in the Antiques Capital, Woodbury

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