by Patricia Grandjean
Mar 1, 2011
02:52 PM
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Q&A: Ann Leary


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Didn't Gomer have his TV debut recently?

Scot Haney and Kara Sunderland have a show on WFSB, "Better Connecticut," and when Kara goes on vacation, sometimes I will fill in. I love to do it, because I absolutely adore Scot Haney—he's hysterically funny. So I did it the other day, and one of the guests on the show made homemade dog biscuits. So in the middle of the taping, Scott asked me to get Gomer, who was in my car. Scot thought he was a little dog, and here I came back in with this monster. He's a really, really great dog—completely comfortable in front of a camera, and very very quiet. I haven't had him that long—he belonged to friends of ours who lived up here on a big property like ours, then they had to move to kind of a suburban area which less property. So it worked out better that he stayed here. It worked out better for me because I'm crazy about this dog, and he's really happy.

I noticed one of your dogs does some skateboarding.

Yeah, that's Holly. I teach them all sorts of tricks—I like to train them.

Q&A: Ann Leary

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