Aug 22, 2011
12:04 PM
Café Connecticut

It's Tomato Time at Firebox!


Tomato season is in full swing at last, and many state restaurants are wisely taking advantage of that. But one Hartford restaurant is taking things a step further: Chef Sean Farrell at Firebox has decreed August “Heirloom Tomato Month,” and is featuring daily food, drink and even dessert specials focusing on beautiful and unique heirloom tomato varieties from farms all over Connecticut.

A recent menu included a salad of Golden Jubilee, Green Zebra & Purple Cherokee Heirloom Tomatoes with fresh bacon and feta cheese; San Marzano Tomato Ragu, with Connecticut littlenecks and papardelle pasta; and Brandywine Tomato Gazpacho. Tomato water makes a refreshing base for cocktails such as the El Mariachi, with tequila, tomato water and basil; the Battle of the Vines, with cucumber vodka lemon and basil; and the Django, with mescal, Cynar (an artichoke-based bitter) and lime. 

What kind of dessert can you make with tomatoes? Why, tomato sorbet with a mint swirl, for one, or  tomato granita with watermelon and basil. Remember, the tomato is a fruit, something you won’t readily forget again after trying one of these sweet and refreshing concoctions. 

Farrell gets his star ingredient from The Community Farm of Simsbury, and from Beckett Farms and Rose’s Berry Farm, both in Glastonbury. (Let's hear it for Connecticut farms!)

Life is short, but alas, the tomato season is even shorter—so if you’re a tomato lover, get over to Firebox before the month is out.

For more information, call 860/246-1222, or visit


It's Tomato Time at Firebox!

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