Feb 15, 2012
11:33 AM
Café Connecticut

Meatless Marvels


A nine-page menu of vegan and vegetarian treats has health-food fans flocking to Branford, where chef Mark Shadle, former owner of It's Only Natural in Middletown, and his wife Ami Beach Shadle, a certified raw food chef, have opened a restaurant called G-Zen.

The Shadles, who used to operate an eco-friendly food truck called Gmonkey, now have an attractive, comfortable setting for their scrupulously correct vegetarian creations—hot food, cold food, raw food, vegan in an amazing array of configurations, with high praise going to entrees like guilt-free fettuccini Alfredo made from squash and carrots, a dim sum platter and food-cart faves like "wild jungle peanut butter cup shake" made with Peruvian cacao, organic peanut butter and almond milk.

Meatless Marvels

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