Feb 6, 2012
06:30 AM
Café Connecticut

Valentine's Dates - Part 1


Dating occurs all year round, of course, but it moves up a notch on and around a certaion day in mid-February. To help you find something worthy to do at that time, we've come up with a host of interesting and possibly romantic outings here in Connecticut . You can find them all right here.

To give you a taste, however, here's one to get you started.

Something Old
 “I want you to help me find the perfect bowl for my dining room table” is the way this date begins. What follows is a pleasant weekend drive along Route 6 (also known as Main Street) in Woodbury, Connecticut’s designated Antiques Trail and one of the best in America, with more than 30 dealers to choose from. Whether you find the bowl or not is immaterial; it’s the browsing that’s key. Check out the painted cupboards at Monique Shay, the weathervanes at Wayne Mattox Antiques or the Best of Connecticut-winning goods (mostly French) at Country Loft. You should also make it a deal to have a nice meal in the cluster of restaurants near the intersection of Rtes. 6 and 64: Carole Peck’s Good News Cafe, John’s Café, Dottie’s Diner, Carmen Anthony Fishhouse and others. 

Valentine's Dates - Part 1

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