Aug 5, 2010
12:14 PM
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Quick Bites: Tomatoes


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Let the sunshine in—because the tomato is back and better than ever. This refreshing fruit (yes, it is a fruit) is delicious and nutritious, and can be served up in myriad ways. If you are in the mood for a hearty lunch, treat yourself to a Toybox of Heirloom Tomatoes with Homemade Mozzarella at Tavern on Main in Westport (203/221-7222). This scrumptious dish is drizzled in extra virgin olive oil and barrel-aged red wine vinegar. Or try the tavern’s Grilled Grafton Cheddar sandwich, made with juicy tomatoes and crisp maple-smoked bacon on Tuscan bread. In the mood for something more adventurous? The savory stuffed tomatoes at George’s Pizza & Restaurant in Unionville (860/673-0421) are filled with fresh, flavorful crabmeat—an audacious way to satisfy your taste buds. For a rare treat, go to Carole Peck’s Good News Cafe in Woodbury (203/266-4663) for a mouthwatering crispy onion bundle with housemade ketchup—Peck’s own recipe made with farm-fresh ingredients. You don’t have to fly to Europe this summer to get authentic Italian cuisine. Enjoy homemade Italian dishes at Peppercorn’s Grill in Hartford (860/547-1714), where succulent fresh tomatoes are put to excellent use. Their delectable Bruschetta Tradizionale is made with grilled garlic-rubbed Tuscan peasant bread topped with luscious tomatoes, basil, extra virgin olive oil and housemade mozzarella.

Quick Bites: Tomatoes

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