March 2012

Passing Fancies: Kettle-Cooked, Gluten-Free and . . . Chatty?


Passing Fancies: Kettle-Cooked, Gluten-Free and . . . Chatty?

You actually might love Deep River's website more than its snacks.

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Sonic Disturbance

A short visit to Sonic in Wallingford gets even shorter.

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Good News!

On a recent visit to Woodbury, we discovered that the Good News Cafe is as good as ever.

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Breakfast Buddies IV

The early bird gets a good breakfast, and here are a couple of terrific Connecticut spots to try.

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Breakfast Buddies III

Two more great breakfast spots in Connecticut and a link to our breakfast archive.

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Breakfast Buddies II

A couple more of our favorite breakfast spots to help start the day out right.

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Breakfast Buddies I

Everyone likes a nice spot for breakfast - or two.

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Milkshake Lovers' Alert

Shake Shack to open later this year on the New Haven Green.

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