October 2011


Burger Mania: No End in Sight

These days it seems that every other restaurant that opens is a burger place—a sign of the times. But there's still room for a serious contender: Enter BGR, The Burger Joint.

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French Treat

There's a delightful new crêperie in Fairfield, brought to you by Dominique Arrighi and Lional Arnal.

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Chef Bun Makes Waves

In the world of sushi, chef Bun Lai is a visionary. He's eliminated some of the most popular fish species on his menu (because they're endangered) and has hit on a novel way to target invasive ones (eat them!).

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Morton's in Stamford Pairs with Conn Valley Winery

The famed Stamford steakhouse is hosting a three-course wine dinner on Oct. 21 with one of California's top vintners.

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Table Talk: Makeover in Branford

It's Sicilian with a maritime air at Augie's.

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Greenwich Food + Wine Festival Opens Oct. 22

A new event to benefit the Breast Cancer Alliance of Greenwich runs Oct. 22-23, showcases food and wine, and features live performances and a Grand Tasting Gala.

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Scaling Down

People just aren't spending money dining out the way they used to. So restaurateurs are taking a tip from the big boys: Downsize!

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16 Handles Opens in Fairfield

16 Handles is not just another frozen-yogurt emporium. It's new, different and exciting, with a dazzling array of choices.

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Get Ready for Restaurant Week!

The Fourth Annual CT Restaurant Week, sponsored by the Connecticut Restaurant Association and Sysco Connecticut, kicks off on Monday, Oct. 10, with over 75 restaurants participating.

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Perfect Pearings

The sweet, luscious pear is featured in all sorts of ways, on all kinds of menus, this month.

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