Oct 12, 2011
01:27 PM
Café Connecticut

16 Handles Opens in Fairfield



            If you’re looking for something new and different in the frozen dessert family, check out 16 Handles (16handles.com) on the Post Road in Fairfield, next to the post office. It’s the first Connecticut outpost of a New York-based chain that’s just two years old and has taken off like wildfire, up and down the East Coast. The shop is colorful—bright pink and green—and buzzing with activity, a hit from day one (in August).

            What’s great about 16 Handles? It increases your frozen yogurt choices exponentially. You start at the back of the shop, where 16 flavors, rotating from a total of 40-plus, are dispensed from taps (hence, the name). Up to this point, it’s self-serve. Then you move back to the front of the shop, where servers put the frosting on the cake, so to speak, i.e., with more than 50 toppings available to crown your yogurt(s). Since everyone’s choices are different, cost is by weight, 52 cents an ounce. I highly recommend the outrageously rich Dulce de Leche topped with fresh raspberries, followed by a chaser of Strawberry Fields topped with fresh kiwi and blueberries. But that’s just the tip of the frozen yogurt iceberg here, where the wild and wacky flavors include Snickerdoodle, Go Bananas, Thin Mint Cookies, Birthday Cake, Mango Tango, Clockwork Orange and the current flavor of the month, Fist Pumpkin. Meanwhile, toppings range from fresh fruits (the aforementioned as well as mango, pineapple, lychees and cherries) to the more extravagant cookie crumble, yogurt-covered pretzels, rainbow-chocolate sunflower seeds and gummy bears. If you’re watching calories, a three-ounce portion of Strawberry Fields or Blueberry Tease yogurt is only 70 calories. For those keeping kosher, all the yogurts and all but two of the toppings are kosher. And if you’re thinking green, not to worry—16 Handles is too; it uses biodegradable packaging and partners with Trees for the Future Foundation, planting 16 trees a day!

            16 Handles is worth going out of your way for (one person called from New Haven County while we were there). And there are more in the pipeline. We’ve heard franchisees Lisa and Erik Mallon, themselves Fairfield residents, plan to expand to other towns in Fairfield County.

            For information, call (203) 292-9841 or visit 16handles.com.


16 Handles Opens in Fairfield

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