Jun 10, 2011
12:19 PM
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Weekend Discovery: Litchfield Hills Road Race


Although I've been through the town a few times by car, Litchfield is not a place I know that well. The next few days should change that a little.

This weekend is the 35th anniversary of the Litchfield Hills Road Race, an event that's not only known for the athletic competition at the heart of it, but also for how the town embraces it.

As you may already now, I will be running the 7-mile race for the first time on Sunday, a challenge I've been training for over the past few weeks. (Last night's thunderstorms forced me to run on the treadmill for an hour—ugh.) It should be .... well, I don't know if "fun" is the word I'm looking for (maybe after I'm done I'll say that), but for now, I'll go with different. And by different, I mean I'll be a different kind of sore come Monday morning.

Anyway, much more important than my participation is the role of Litchfield and its good citizens in the race—from what I've been told, it's a unique experience and I'm very much looking forward to it. The local residents and businesses turn out in full force to celebrate the event. (Leo Kulinski, whom I interviewed about the race as he's run in it every year, calls it "like Christmas in June.") The green and downtown area is completely dedicated to the race, while The Village Restaurant is the unofficial race headquarters. In addition, there are a number of gatherings, parties and special dinners, and lots of other things to do. Saturday is the annual Gallery on the Green (9:30-4), which is a juried arts and crafts show featuring fine art, jewelry, textiles, photography, ceramics, woodwork and more.

As for the race itself, part of the course goes through The White Memorial Conservation Center, which I've only driven past and never stopped in to visit. Although I won't be able to explore and take pictures, it'll still be good to check out the scenery.

With any luck, by late afternoon Sunday, I think I should a much better appreciation of Litchfield. Hope to see you out there!

For more info, visit lhrr.com.

Weekend Discovery: Litchfield Hills Road Race

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