Jun 30, 2011
02:31 PM
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Weekend Discovery: Silver Sands State Park

Weekend Discovery: Silver Sands State Park

Now the Independence Day weekend is upon us, that means that summer is undeniably here—chilly spring days are gone, replaced with continual heat and humidity. In other words, it's finally time to go to the beach!

With so much coastline, Connecticut offers an abundance of sandy places by the water to enjoy, although in some areas, it's hard to gain access unless you are fairly wealthy. (Lower Fairfield County, I'm looking at you.) For a young beach hound like myself (back in the day) growing up in Milford was ideal because there was Silver Sands State Park, which didn't cost anything to get into and was open to all.

The good news is that Silver Sands is still free and open to everyone, although the place has changed a bit since I used to ride there with my buddy Milo on our bikes to enjoy the sun, play some frisbee and maybe even meet a girl or two. (Meeting girls got easier when we got our licenses and we could drive there, but that's a story for another day.) The Chicken Lady and her old trailer aren't there any longer, and the broken loop of pavement has been replaced with a very nice boardwalk that now extends to Nutmeg Beach, which is much easier to traverse as opposed to picking your way through the rocks and marshy beach.

Charles Island is of course still here, and you can still walk along the sandbar (really, a rock bar—don't go barefoot!) during low tide. Unfortunately, from May to the end of August you can't go on the island because it's been designated a nesting area for certain sea birds, but you can still go most of the way; fishing is still allowed on the sandbar.

Silver Sands may not offer the most beach activities—we always used laugh at a sign there that said "No Loitering," but what else do you do at a beach except loiter?!—but it's still an ideal place to soak up a little sun, do a little swimming and ... well, at my age, enjoy all the charms of the Connecticut shore.

For more info, visit ct.gov/dep/.

Weekend Discovery: Silver Sands State Park

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