by Charles A. Monagan
Apr 12, 2011
07:49 AM
On Connecticut

Our System Is Mortally Broken


Here's a story from today's Waterbury Republican that neatly encapsulates the frustration many feel over the status public employees enjoy in our society:

"WATERBURY -- A school plumbing foreman fired for falsifying safety inspections was ordered returned to the city payroll by an arbitrator. Ralph Perillo, of Bristol, was supposed to perform fire sprinkler inspections before the opening of schools this year. Instead, he blanked out dates on past inspection forms, filled in new dates and handed these into the city fire department. The forgery was caught by a city fire marshal, and Perillo was fired in early September. The city's blue collar union carried its appeal to an impartial arbitrator under a system built into the union contract. In a decision handed down late last week, Arbitrator M. Jackson Webber acknowledged Perillo's fault, but found the punishment too severe."

So not only did Perillo not do his job and falsify his reports, he willfully endangered the lives and safety of schoolchildren and put public property at the risk of damage.

And now he's back on the job.

It makes you feel good about being a taxpayer, doesn't it?

Our System Is Mortally Broken

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