by Charles A. Monagan
Apr 14, 2011
01:16 PM
On Connecticut

Who Loves a Parade?


I guess it's nice that the UConn men's basketball victory parade in Hartford is back on. But isn't it kind of embarrassing that the organizers have to go grubbing around Hartford to come up with the $50,000 needed to put on the show?

Instead of putting Hartford's beleaguered downtown businesses on the spot once again for coming up with the cash, why not look to someone else? One idea: Why not seek it from those UConn players who have come before, distinguished themselves on the court, and are now making millions of dollars in the NBA?

At present, I believe there are 10 such players in the pros (and maybe more overseas) who could easily, and maybe even proudly, drop $5,000 each for the parade. Heck, with this "band of brothers" approach, some might even show up to check on their investment! Couldn't such a plan be arranged fairly quickly through the UConn athletic office?

And while we're at it, why does Hartford always get to host these parades? I know it's the capital city, but the parade route there isn't exactly the Canyon of Heroes. Why not entertain bids and ideas from other cities in the state? All have established parade routes, and many might like to feel they're part of the UConn story, too. It's everyone's state university, after all, not just Hartford's.

Who Loves a Parade?

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