by Charles A. Monagan
On Connecticut

August 2011


Is CL&P Gouging?

The giant utility plans to make up hurricane losses through rate hikes rather than through its own profits.

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The Perfect Storm

Hurricane Irene may be the storm of this century, but the Hurricane of 1938 was the one of last century.

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Great Places to Live?

Money Magazine's annual list of great places to live doesn't exactly jibe with our Rating the Towns, but that's okay.

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The P.O. Must Go

It should be easy for all to see that there are too many post offices and not enough letters.

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Odd Perspective

Sometimes the headlines don't always match the story.

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State Aid for ESPN? Cut It Out!

The Bristol giant is a wonderful citizen of Connecticut, but its corporate decision about moving jobs to the state was made long before Gov. Malloy was even elected.

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Debt Management

Less is often more.

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