by Charles A. Monagan
Dec 19, 2011
09:30 AM
On Connecticut

A Kitten in Need


Christmas is a time for miracles; it's also a time to remember the least among us—which is the best way I can think of to describe Uberlein, a kitten currently convalescing at the Connecticut nonprofit animal rescue/rehabilitation center Out to Pasture. Found by the side of the road where he'd been left for dead several weeks ago, the four-month-old underwent life-saving surgery to repair two fractured hips and damage to his bladder before being brought to Out to Pasture, run by Carrie Haggart.

When I visited Haggart's sanctuary earlier this month, Uberlein (his name means "to survive" in German) was just a week post surgery, and yet already bouncing around playfully with his fellow rescued residents at The Pasture as if nothing was wrong. But he's since developed complications: Scar tissue from his bladder surgery has caused a life-threatening inability to pee. Further surgery may later be performed to correct this, but because he's so little what's most needed right now is ongoing veterinary care to keep him alive until the surgery can be done.

Out to Pasture is desperately in need of funds for Uberlein's care. If you can help, contact Haggart at (860) 742-7115 or e-mail For more information on the sanctuary, visit For information on Uberlein's condition, call New England Veterinary Center and Cancer Care in Windsor at (860) 688-8400.

A Kitten in Need

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