by Charles A. Monagan
Dec 8, 2011
10:46 AM
On Connecticut

Our Wish List


So with the holidays closing in ever so quickly (yet again), it's time to figure out what we would like to see for the state. As is the tradition, we offer some of our wants in list form here. (The actual list is going in an envelope to the North Pole.)

1. Jobs.

2. More jobs.

3. More sunshine and good weather, less record-setting snow, rain and heat (all of which we endured in 2011). Also no more earthquakes or hurricanes, thanks!

4. An end to earning the nickname "Corripticut," whether it be fewer town officials skimming from tax revenue or state employees defrauding federal disaster funds or elected officials abusing their power (as we've seen for years).

5. A few more national championships—and we're not picky here. It could be football, men's or women's basketball, baseball, softball or even men's squash. Being No. 1 is always appreciated.

5a. A national collegiate sports Div. 1 conference that not only wants UConn, but also makes sense for them to join. Sending a football team across the country to play once a year is acceptable; but every other varsity sport, from baseball to women's volleyball, seems silly. The whole reason conferences were created in the first place was to limit travel and costs!

6. Better roads. In at least three different surveys, stretches of I-95 and I-84 have been rated among the worst congestion spots in the nation, and yet, as all of us here seem to willingly accept, this may not change without some sort of divine intervention. (And adding busways is not the answer, either.) If people can't get here, they won't come here.

7. Less NIMBYism. Everyone claims they want green and more sustainable technologies, yet no one is willing to let a windfarm, solar array, trash-burning power plant or other similiar eco-friendly structure be built anywhere near their town. Ditto cell towers, homeless shelters, halfway houses and our favorite rejection, a community garden in Shelton. You can build it, just not around here!

8. An end to sensational (actually, all) murder cases and the seemingly endless milking of horrible situations for headlines and stories by media outlets. We, of all people, understand that certain stories need to be told, but how and how much can certainly be managed better.

9. Courage and wisdom to the Connecticut legislature—rather than be content to let the governor make all the calls and take the political hits, or just quietly endure the status quo and the comfort of a majority (until the next election), they need to step forward and proactively offer tough solutions and make wholesale, lasting changes that will benefit the state long-term. A little recent economic good news is not truly indicative that things are headed in the right direction.

10. Peace on earth and good will to man. Hey, some wishes never go out of style.

Our Wish List

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