by Charles A. Monagan
Feb 3, 2012
11:51 AM
On Connecticut

Wayward Priest Gets Early Release


After serving less than a year for stealing more than $1.3 million from his Waterbury parish, Father Kevin Gray was okayed for release from prison earlier this week.

Gray, 66, pleaded "no contest" last April to charges that he had stolen the money from his Sacred Heart Church (located in a poor section of Waterbury) and spent it on male escorts, designer clothes, a lavish lifestyle in New York City, and even education costs for his male lover. He was convicted of first degree larceny and sentenced to three years in prison, but now will be released after only 10 months.

Gray was voted for parole by the state parole board Feb. 1 following an earlier plea for forgiveness on his part, according to the state Department of Correction. Some in his old parish say he may have been diagnosed with cancer as well. Several years ago, when first suspected of wrong-doing, Gray told his parisioners that the money was being used for cancer treatments, but it turned out he did not have cancer at that time and was spending the money on very different things.

Upon his release, Gray, a 26-year veteran in the Hartford Diocese, will likely be sent to a treatment facility at John Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, where the diocese has long sent its wayward priests. The diocese stated last April that Gray would be considered for a return to duty once his sentence had been served.

Wayward Priest Gets Early Release

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