by Charles A. Monagan
Jan 5, 2012
08:11 AM
On Connecticut

Scholarship, Texas Style


They do things a little differently in Texas.

Connecticut's Courtney Brand is a student from Greenwich, majoring in Chinese at Georgetown University. She studied Mandarin in China for four months and harbors the dream of achieving fluency in the language and helping to improve relations between the U.S. & China through cultural exchange. 

So she entered a contest run by Dr. Pepper through which she might be awarded $100,000 to pay her tuition and fuel her dream. She submitted a video outlining her plan and her need to further her education, and was selected as one of five national finalists.

But Dr. Pepper being a Texas company, there's now one last hoop that Courtney has to jump through. Today she will compete with the four other finalists throwing footballs from five yards away into a two-foot hole in an oversized Dr. Pepper can. If she manages to finish first or second in throwing the most through the hole in 30 seconds, she advances to the final round - repeating the same exercise during halftime of tomorrow's AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic in Arlington, Tex. Winner gets 100 grand.

So let's all root for Courtney down there in Texas today, where football counts for just about everything and a tight, accurate spiral is the ticket to a better world.


Scholarship, Texas Style

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