by Charles A. Monagan
Jul 14, 2011
12:50 PM
On Connecticut



On the afternoon of July 14, 2011, who would you rather be:

Gov. Malloy, on the eve of thousands of state-employee layoffs brought about by decades of runaway government growth and overspending. On the one hand, you are being lambasted by those who don't like your tax increases. On the other, by those who don't like the idea of cutting back government (but only as it affects them personally). And then there are those miserable creatures who show up on website comment boards who don't like you no matter what you do, don't like Connecticut and probably don't even like themselves.

A member of the Connecticut General Assembly, which has done absolutely nothing to distinguish itself during this budget crisis. The Republicans have refused to take a meaningful role in the process, preferring to criticize from the sidelines rather than roll up their sleeves and work toward a solution with those across the aisle. The Democrats, meanwhile, have also chickened out of the process, dumping everything into the governor's lap - even giving up some of their authority to the governor in order not to take responsibility for whatever happens.

A state employee. Your ridiculous union set-up allowed several locals to be guided by fear and ignorance as they voted down the governor's contract proposal. Now you and/or some of your co-workers will be getting the pink slip.

A cat, warming in the sun as it naps on a porch railing on this beautiful afternoon.

Pass the cream, please.


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