by Charles A. Monagan
Jul 1, 2011
01:00 PM
On Connecticut

Glorious Fourth


Maybe it's just a sign of my getting older, but the last time I visited the Jefferson Memorial in Washington and read the passages inscribed on the walls there, tears filled my eyes. Likewise, I now take Independence Day as an opportunity to think about our American Revolution, the ideals that inspired it and the sacrifice that brought it to fruition. I especially enjoy dipping into a big survey book on the Revolution, like A New Age Now Begins, for a quick, heady whiff of those miraculous days.

And as everyone (it seems) is once again up in arms (almost) against their government these days, I thought this weekend would be a good time to get out to one of Connecticut's Revolutionary War sites to help put things into context.

Go to the War Office on the green in Lebanon. It was built in 1727 as the Trumbull family store, but was later the site of clandestine meetings of the Council of Safety, planning the supply lifeline for the Revolution.

Go to Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park in Groton, site of the 1781 British massacre of American troops.

Go to the Nathan Hale Homestead in Coventry, or the schoolhouses he taught at in New London or East Haddam.

Go to Putnam Cottage in Greenwich or Christopher Leffingwell House in Norwich, where patriots gathered to strategize against the British.

Go to Keeler Tavern in Ridgefield, where you can still see a British cannonball lodged in one of the walls.

Happy Independence Day! Maybe, as with that other holiday in November, we should take a moment to give thanks.

Glorious Fourth

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