by Charles A. Monagan
On Connecticut

May 2010


Fuzzy Math

State surplus or deficit? Can anyone make up their mind? Do they have to?

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A Salary Eye-Opener

Public-sector salaries are the monsters that will consume us all.

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McMahon's Memorial Day

With a big voter preference gap to deal with, it's time to smell the lemonade and get moving on the next phase of her campaign.

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Blumenthal v. Blumenthal

Richard Blumenthal the A.G. would have scolded the "apology" of Blumenthal the senatorial candidate.

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Blumenthal's Acceptance Speech

This weekend is the time to make a clean breast of things and move on.

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New York State of Mind

What does it tell us that Linda McMahon went to the New York Times with the big Blumenthal story?

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Remembering the Neediest

Dick Blumenthal just wants to be loved and admired. By everyone.

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On Your Mark ...

Shelton mayor Mark Lauretti has thrown his hat into the gubernatorial ring, but is it too late?

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Toxic Budget Spill Baffles State Lawmakers

It's erupted, it's spreading and no one knows how to stop it. It's red ink, but it sure is similar to a certain problem in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Two Thoughts While Shaving

Two ways in which Connecticut is being overrun.

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President Dodd?

A sudden vacancy at UConn could be the next stop for our departing U.S. Senator.

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"Connecticut - Our Nicest State"

"Saturday Night Live" gives us a little bit of love.

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Last Dance


Last Dance

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Not What We Were Hoping For

The legislative session ends on a note of despair.

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Nowhere Man

The pleasures - and bad habits - of life are getting less and less tactile all the time.

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Connecticut Bomber in Manhattan. Sound Familiar?

Sixty years ago, another mad bomber from Connecticut stalked the streets of Manhattan.

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The Show Goes On

Is there a political precedent in Connecticut for Linda McMahon? Yes, there is.

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Term Limits

Imagine Chris Dodd’s career if there were such a thing as sensible term limits.

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