by Charles A. Monagan
May 19, 2010
08:59 AM
On Connecticut

New York State of Mind


One thing about people who live in Greenwich and make their fortunes largely because of their proximity to New York - they don't know much about Connecticut, and often they really don't care to learn.

Take Linda McMahon, for instance, whose campaign claims to have fed its spectacular Richard Blumenthal scoop to The New York Times. By choosing the Times over any of the media outlets in her home state, isn't McMahon signaling that she sees herself as a national candidate with little care for - or confidence in - the newspapers, TV or radio news, or other outlets here? Isn't this a poor long-term strategy as she embarks on a campaign that will depend very largely on the cooperation of those very same media? She may have taken Blumenthal down several notches yesterday, but I'd argue that by going with the Times she took herself down a notch or two as well by treating her own state as a flyover region.

I also suspect that when she finally gets around to defining her own candidacy rather than merely pounding away at her opponents, McMahon will turn out to be one of these Republicans who scores points by inveighing against the mainstream media and their evil liberal tendencies, perhaps best exemplified by The New York Times. I hope that when she does this, we will all remember to whom she turned when she needed good, thorough, reliable reporting on a story that was very important to her.

New York State of Mind

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