by Charles A. Monagan
On Connecticut

May 2011


The Most Dangerous State?

With two of the top 15 "most dangerous" cities in the United States, Connecticut might be gaining a bad reputation. Or not.

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It's the Rapture. Again.


It's the Rapture. Again.

Tomorrow night is far from the first time that the end of the world has been predicted.

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A Meager Bone for Artists

Connecticut's Artist Fellowships award too little money to too many artists.

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The Power of the Pen

Young poets and writers are encouraged to showcase their creative talents in a statewide awards ceremony.

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It Has Happened Here, Too

Although nowhere as big as the Mississippi River, the Connecticut River has the potential to cause immense damage, also.

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"Reeferendum" Follow Up

The legalization of marijuana in Connecticut continues to get closer to becoming a reality.

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It's Not the Teachers, Stupid!

Paying teachers more is not paying attention to where the real problem is.

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