by Charles A. Monagan
May 15, 2012
07:17 AM
On Connecticut

Not Quite Revolutionary Enough

Not Quite Revolutionary Enough

With the introduction of its new tourism campaign and new tag line "Still Revolutionary," the Malloy administration has demonstrated that it's serious about spending big bucks to draw travelers into Connecticut.

This represents enormous progress over Jodi Rell's decision to spend $1 for tourism marketing during her last years in office.

Whether you like the new campaign or not, or think it could be improved, just the mention of Connecticut as a travel destination amid a succession of pretty images is good to see again. Here's hoping it stirs the interest of New Yorkers looking to get out of the city on a hot summer weekend.

It will be interesting to see where the campaign goes once the kick-off is done. I hope it heads into a direction promised by the "Still Revolutionary" tag (and by the way, I think just the word "Revolutionary" would have been a far more powerful way to go; that "Still" has a nagging quality that I'm not sure will hold up over time).

The initial video plays it very safe for a place that touts itself as "revolutionary." The music, ably performed by the Hartford Symphony, is a little too generic to be stirring or inspiring. The many images of Connecticut are pleasing in a gauzy way; they remind me of those sleepy "New England from the air" programs that used to run on CPTV. 

All of this may work well in getting people from out of state to come to Connecticut. Most of the creative people on the account are themselves from out of state, so perhaps they have a good idea of what would get them and their neighbors to visit. And no doubt they have many more themes and approaches up their sleeves for future deployment.

But this is also a marketing campaign meant to establish our own image in the world (never an easy task for Connecticut), so we all have something of a stake in it. I'd like to see bold and definitive - specifics rather than moods. If we are going to call ourselves "revolutionary," let's act that way in the sounds and images we send out into the world.

Not Quite Revolutionary Enough

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