by Charles A. Monagan
On Connecticut

November 2011


Spreading Civility

As the full force of the holiday season descends upon us, here are some tips to maintaining your civility.

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All-Knowing But Unseeing

A CNBC economic expert purports to know the world but stumbles in his Connecticut back yard.

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Thanksgiving Rules!

Here are just some of the reasons why Thanksgiving is the best holiday of all.

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Tough Choice at Yale

A quarterback has to choose between playing Harvard on Saturday and interviewing for a Rhodes Scholarship.

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Church vs. (Penn) State

Let's take note of the different approaches in two prominent child-abuse scandals.

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Feeling Bluer

After this year's election, a blue state seems to get more blue.

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"Denial" Isn't Just a River in Egypt

Over the past week, has Connecticut Light & Power been intentionally lying to customers or just delusional?

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The Madness Continues

Hurricanes, snowstorms, floods—nothing seems to stop scrap metal thieves.

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Two Connecticuts

During a massive power disruption, our ideas of who's rich and who's poor can get turned upside down.

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