by Charles A. Monagan
Nov 9, 2011
02:59 PM
On Connecticut

Feeling Bluer


Unlike last year, when the outcome of the gubernatorial election was not known for days, this year's results seem to immediately be a bit clearer. And a bit bluer.

In mayoral races across the state, many Democrats swept to victory, which in a liberal state like Connecticut should hardly be a surprise. But with the large tax hikes imposed earlier this year—by a Democratic governor and legislature—and the lingering financial morass, many expected results across the state that would be more favorable to Republicans. That was not the case.

Yes, the GOP had decisive wins in towns like Shelton and Danbury, but both those towns are home to incumbent mayors who have each been entrenched for over a decade. As the mood across the nation seems to be toward fiscal conservatism and smaller government—hallmarks of the Republican platform—it seemed like a great opportunity for the party of Lincoln to make some inroads here.

Instead, we saw Democratic victories in places like Southbury, where H. William Davis broke a 24-year-rule of Republican leadership, and Milford, which after 22 years, is now under Ben Blake and Democratic control.

Connecticut is hardly a bellwether for the rest of the nation, but it seems to have echoed what was seen across the country: That a lot of the momentum that the GOP had nationally after the 2010 midterm elections seems to already be slipping among an ever-fickle populace. With some big battles ahead—such as Joe Lieberman's senate seat—it should be a compelling watch for pols over the next year.

Feeling Bluer

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