by Charles A. Monagan
Oct 29, 2010
12:33 PM
On Connecticut

Bysiewicz Loses Challenge; Neighborhood Kids Awarded Halloween Candy


It would be easy, too easy, to call Vince McMahon's victory over Connecticut's Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz "piling on," but it is indicative of the unbelievably bad year she's having.

McMahon pretty much forced Bysiewicz to retract an earlier statement that voters should not wear WWE gear to the polls on Tuesday. No one was quite sure what she meant by trying to issue such as edict. Will last-second undecideds by swayed by the sight of an Undertaker t-shirt? But McMahon rightly seized on the statement's impropriety and got Bysiewicz to take it back. He's even handing out WWE apparel at certain polling places.

This is just the latest setback for Bysiewicz, who at one point or another during the year has been bested or outmaneuvered by Dan Malloy, George Jepsen, Richard Blumenthal and even Judge Flemming Norcott Jr. She has gone from being the front-runner for the Democratic nomination for governor of Connecticut to, well, someone who will be lucky to get through Halloween night without losing a dispute with the neighborhood kids over how many pieces of candy they can have.

Bysiewicz Loses Challenge; Neighborhood Kids Awarded Halloween Candy

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