by Charles A. Monagan
Oct 13, 2010
12:23 PM
On Connecticut

Cardin's Days in the Capitol


This story today had me going back to the archives of Connecticut Magazine to find out how Michael Cardin, now accused of sexual impropriety, was rated by his fellow legislators when he served as a state rep from Tolland.

In the issue of October 1996, the last time the magazine ran its "Legislative Survey" (in which state lawmakers voted on their colleagues in a number of categories), Cardin was singled out as "Not Equipped to Do the Job," easily the most embarrassing of all the designations. This was a remarkable vote because it meant Cardin was done in by his fellow Democrats, who were in the majority at the time and normally would be expected to hand this booby prize to a Republican.

"As a legislative candidate," the magazine's brief write-up began, "this freshman lawmaker bicycled his district, knocked on every door twice, and knocked out a formidable opponent by a slim six votes. Too bad he didn't put the same effort into learning how to be effective."

Those legislators may not be too good at a lot of things, but they can usually smell a rat.

Cardin's Days in the Capitol

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