by Charles A. Monagan
Oct 22, 2010
03:01 PM
On Connecticut

October Light


Let's take a momentary break from the ugliness and brutality of the Connecticut campaign trail to sing a song of October. The month is slipping away, and we really need to pay attention before it's gone.

Whenever those of us who live in Connecticut are asked which month we like best here, the most popular answer is October, and I heartily agree. We all have our own reasons for loving it so much; here are some of mine:

It's too late for mosquitoes, too early for the holiday hullabaloney to begin. October is a delightful transitional period in the annual cycle, a gentle easing down into the cold and dark.

Tailgating. One of the most wonderful of all social activities—congregating near a field or stadium before a football game combines eating and drinking, the outdoors, people-watching, and very often the renewal of old acquaintances.

The smell of decaying oak leaves on the ground on a chilly night and the sound of people walking through them. This spot once would have been reserved for the smell of burning leaves, but those days are long gone (although sometimes I'll set a match to one leaf and breathe in the smoke just to recall those thrilling October dusks when our whole neighborhood seemed alive with piles of burning leaves).

Cider. Is cider the eggnog of October? No, it's far superior. You can drink more of it, drink it more often, and, unlike eggnog, it actually can be enjoyed with certain foods. Like doughnuts.

Halloween. Skeletons, ghosts, mummies—a holiday about death? With candy? For kids? What's not to like except maybe the way adults are increasingly claiming it for their own?

So there you go. Now we return you to your regularly scheduled attack commercials.

October Light

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