by Charles A. Monagan
Oct 4, 2010
11:20 AM
On Connecticut



Even by the notoriously low and  ugly standards of modern campaigning, Linda McMahon's press release today calling her opponent Richard Blumenthal a "pathological" liar feels like a new low point.

There is no doubt that Blumenthal, in trying to ingratiate himself with various audiences, has lied about the nature of his service during the Vietnam War. But a pathology is defined as "the structural and functional deviations from the normal that constitute disease." Does McMahon really think of Blumenthal as diseased? And, if so, how are the various repugnant activities of her own beloved WWE over the years not considered pathological behavior?

Blumenthal thus far has not acquitted himself well in this campaign. He has not shown much in the way of leadership and has been ineffective in countering McMahon's blasts. Maybe he can begin to turn things around in tonight's debate.

And maybe McMahon can change perceptions as well. A civilized, knowledgeable, issues-oriented approach would serve as a refreshing departure from the nasty tone of her campaign.


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