by Charles A. Monagan
Oct 15, 2010
12:26 PM
On Connecticut

The Fatigue Factor


When this week's Quinnipiac poll on Connecticut's U.S. Senate race showed Richard Blumenthal pulling out to an 11-point lead, the poll director Douglas Schwartz stated that Linda McMahon "may have peaked too soon and her advertising saturation could be causing 'McMahon Fatigue.'"

Amen, brother. I haven't counted the materials we've received through the mail at home, but I do know that here at Connecticut Magazine, I've already received 31 different press releases in October from the McMahon campaign - and the month is only half over!

Even an average of two releases a day might have been bearable had they addressed issues faced by the state, nation or world - things McMahon would do if she were to be elected. Instead, the press releases deal almost exclusively with issues McMahon has with her opponent. "Blumenthal Waffled on Death Penalty," one is titled; "Blumenthal Cuts into Workers Minimum Wage," says another; "Blumenthal Tries a Few More Times to Explain How a Job Is Created" goes a third. And on and on, and on and on, they go, with that overbearing, ugly, schoolyard tone that only serves to remind you of how she made her fortune.

The thing is, typical undecided voters more than anything else want to know what Linda McMahon is like, what sort of senator she'd make. They already have an opinion of Dick Blumenthal, and they're pretty sure that McMahon's view of him is not positive. There's really no need for her campaign to keep pounding away, but that's apparently all they know how to do. And it's finally begun to turn potential voters away.

The Fatigue Factor

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