by Charles A. Monagan
Oct 12, 2011
08:34 AM
On Connecticut

Really, Really Boring


The endless bickering and maneuvering over which colleges play in what leagues has got to be the least interesting news story since Jennifer Aniston last spoke to the press about her ticking biological clock.

Will UConn go to the ACC? Will new football teams join the Big East? Are UConn and Boston College enemies? Where are Oklahoma and Texas going? Which league gets the Horned Frogs? Which college presidents and athletic directors are losing face? What are the implications for the euro and the world markets? And where does Johnny Selvy come down on it all?

No one cares.

The fact is that all the colleges and universities involved should feel embarrassment at having their egos, greed and petty rivalries so nakedly exposed. Their goal in all this of course is to bring in as much revenue as they possibly can, the key proviso being that none of that money goes to the athletes. Indeed, the basketball and football players at UConn and all the other major universities should probably be out occupying their administration buildings until some measure of fairness is brought to the system.

We will continue to be UConn sports fans, but I don't think anyone especially worries about which league the Huskies are part of. They will find good games to play. If they play well, they will wind up in post-season tournaments. In the meantime, the schools should keep in mind that no one ever bought a ticket to watch the athletic directors compete.

Really, Really Boring

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