by Charles A. Monagan
Sep 22, 2010
11:31 AM
On Connecticut

Linda McMahon Throws Martha Dean Under the Bus


In her eagerness to continue the relentless attack on her opponent Richard Blumenthal, GOP senatorial candidate Linda McMahon seems to have thrown one of her running mates, Martha Dean, under the bus today.

A press release put out by McMahon's campaign uses a very rosy profile of George Jepsen, the Democratic candidate for attorney general, that appeared in the Manchester Journal Inquirer to draw a distinction between Jepsen and Blumenthal. This may help out McMahon, but it also seems to show little consideration for Dean and her battle against Jepsen. If you read the article in question, you may want to run out and vote for him today and not even wait until Nov. 2. But of course, McMahon so far has demonstrated she's in it for herself and God help whoever gets in the way. The press release headline follows:

In Case You Missed It: Democratic AG Nominee Runs From Blumenthal’s Record
Democratic Attorney General Nominee George Jepsen: “I’m Not A Dick Blumenthal. … I’m Less Prone To Litigate, I’m More Into Problem-Solving.”
“[Jepsen] Said He Also Was Less Likely Than Blumenthal To Court The State’s Media And More Likely To Emphasize What He Described As His ‘Very Positive Relationship’ With State Business Leaders.”

And then follows the article, which McMahon's release includes in its entirety.


Linda McMahon Throws Martha Dean Under the Bus

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