by Charles A. Monagan
Sep 23, 2011
01:09 PM
On Connecticut

B-Town #1?


Who knew our "Rating the Towns" inspired such devotion? In our 2007 survey, the town of Bethany came in at No. 1 in the category of towns with a population of 3,500-6,500. In the last accounting from March 2010, the town had slipped down to No. 15, a drop that apparently was not met well in certain quarters of "B-town." (Who knew they even called it "B-town"?!)

Anyway, rather than just write your standard letter to the editor bemoaning their reduced postion, a young group of town residents took matters—and a video camera—into their own hands for a response.

According to our friends in Bethany: "In 2007 Connecticut Magazine rated Bethany the number 1 small town in CT to live in. It appears that we are no longer #1, and we're back to reclaim our title."

Here is their inspired effort that they uploaded to YouTube: Enjoy!

The November 2011 issue of Connecticut Magazine will feature Rating the Towns for the larger cities, so Bethany will have to wait until the March 2012 issue when we rank the smaller towns to see where they end up next time . . . which should give them plenty of time to work on a sequel if it's not in the top slot!

B-Town #1?

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