by Charles A. Monagan
Sep 14, 2011
08:52 AM
On Connecticut

McMahon Stimulus


After months of rumblings, it appears that former Republican candidate Linda McMahon is about to officially get back in the ring to take another shot at the U.S. Senate. After failing to beat Richard Blumenthal in 2010, this time she's got her sights set on the seat currently held by the retiring Joe Lieberman

The good news (beyond those who favor her candidacy) is that in last run, McMahon pumped a record $50 million of her own fortune into the Connecticut economy in the seeming hope of bludgeoning the electorate into submission. I probably don't need to remind anyone, but as part of her marketing blitzkreig, her team buried voters under virtual tons of posters, billboards, TV and radio commercials, newspaper and magazine ads, internet banners, robocalls—heck, I think I saw the neighbor's dog with a "Linda" bumper sticker plastered on its side. After coming up 11 points short last time, there's nothing to think that she will spend any less on this effort.

As a state that seems to be dragging along the bottom in nearly economic sector, such a sizable tax-free stimulus package is certainly welcome, even if maybe McMahon's politics aren't always.

McMahon Stimulus

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