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Sunscreen Dos and Don'ts


Sunscreen Dos and Don'ts

New labeling laws, diligence—and common sense—can help part the clouds in our bewilderment over sunscreen.

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Men's Health: The Connecticut Man Up Program


Men's Health: The Connecticut Man Up Program

Women see doctors, get routine screenings and outlive men by six years. Connecticut’s state comptroller says it’s time to even the playing field.

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Dealing with Rare Childhood Diseases


Dealing with Rare Childhood Diseases

Empowered parents are doing their best to find peace and hope for children afflicted by little-known disorders— raising awareness, driving research and embracing community wherever they can find it.

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Virtual Doctoring


Virtual Doctoring

Health websites are alive, well and just about everywhere … but as with most free advice, some sites are better than others.

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Cancer Care: Back to Beauty


Cancer Care: Back to Beauty

A daughter’s indelible memory inspires a mission to restore wellness and self-esteem to women with cancer.

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Food for Thought

Have you fed your brain today? A dietitian offers up a tasty menu of foods that may make you sharper and more focused—or at the very least, less forgetful.

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Caution: Dark Days Ahead

The shortest days of the year are upon us, and that’s not good news for those who suffer from SAD.

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Vision Quest

The need for glasses is growing as an aging population's ability to decipher the fine print fades.

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