2011 SPJ Winners

Every spring, the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists honors the previous year’s best journalism among magazines and newspapers. We are delighted to have so many winners this time around, and our congratulations go out to one and all.

Reporting—Feature, Magazine
    First Place: “Monica’s Story,” October 2011, Patricia Grandjean
    Second Place: “Where the Arches Are Made of Gold, January 2011, Alan Bisbort
    Third Place: “Village of Light,” June 2011, Alan Bisbort

Reporting—General Reporting, Magazine
    First Place: “This Land is Your Land,” December 2011, Richard Urban
    Second Place: “A Shot or Not,” March 2011, Patricia Grandjean

Reporting—In-Depth, Magazine
    First Place: “The Billionaires’ Club,” January 2011, Tom Connor
    Second Place: “Wild Weekend,” April 2011, Terese Karmel

Single Editorial, Magazine
    First Place: “Give and Take,” April 2011, Charles A. Monagan

Reporting—Arts & Entertainment, Magazine
    Third Place: “Our Treasures,” August 2011, Noah Charney

Reporting—Business, Magazine
    Third Place: “Cash Cows,” January 2011, Elizabeth Keyser

Sports Feature, Magazine
    First Place: “Once Upon a Whale,” February 2011, David Holahan

Non-Page 1 Layout, Magazine
    First Place: “The Doctor is Out,” November 2011, Joan Barrow

Photo Layout, Magazine
    First Place: “This Land is Your Land,” December 2011, Joan Barrow
    Third Place: “Star-Spangled Waterfront in Stonington Borough," March 2011, Michael Partenio

2011 SPJ Winners

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